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Rules based or artificial intelligence chatbots

Chatbots are the latest form of interaction between your customers and your company. Now-a-days companies are building chatbots for eCommerce, customer support, making appointments, booking tickets - you name it. Although majority of the current chatbots are simple rules based interactions, chatbots are increasingly able to answer complex questions and carry on a contextual interaction by combining information from different data sources and also by using techniques like self-learning and artificial intelligence.

Closeloop Technologies will create a chatbot for your specific requirements. Our engineers will work with your team to identify your specific use case(s) for chatbot(s), understand the corresponding business processes and data flows, design conversational trees, code and connect your chatbot to the appropriate data sources, and then connect it to the messaging apps (Messenger, Kik, Slack, Telegram, WeChat etc). Finally, like for any other piece of software, we will test, deploy and monitor your bot!

Case Study - Seven Seas Music

Seven Seas Music provides an extensive and international music library of licenseable songs. Their clients include many award winning TV shows and movie productions.

Seven Seas Music required a beautiful mobile app and website for their clients to browse and listen to their music library. With thousands of songs and very specific client needs, we began with defining the search functionality for the songs. We settled on pairing an interactive globe for users to search content by country along with a highly optimized search bar that included multiple search categories. After completing the front end software, we performed an automated data conversion for thousands of songs including their metadata and created a backend to allow live control of the music content.

The Android/iOS app and website were completed in 4 months. All three platforms are now undergoing constant enhancements. The website can be viewed at: The app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Success Factors

  • Clear Project Goals

    Understanding the industry and the client's true goal.

  • Clear Specifications

    Producing accurate documents in the ideation, brainstorming, and whiteboarding phases.

  • Right Technology

    Using the most optimized tech stack to deliver the best user experience possible.

  • Right Resources

    Having specialists for each area - database specialists, front-end specialists, etc.

  • Project Management

    Continuously producing results through an agile development methodology.

  • Quality Assurance

    Multiple testers in all phases of development.

  • Unbridled Communication

    Frequent meetings to ensure product quality.

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