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eCommerce is a crucial component of any company's technology platform as the paradigm shifts from brick and mortar retail establishments to online buying. Instead of physically visiting a store, consumers jump online to gain information and make purchase decisions. Shopper habits adjust rapidly and people today buy everything from consumer goods to electronics through eCommerce sites. As customers increasingly rely on eCommerce websites with shopping and transactional capabilities to make life easier, businesses must adapt to the rapidly changing climate to remain relevant.

Closeloop Technologies eCommerce website development team has worked on and delivered numerous best-in-class eCommerce solutions for startups as well as established merchants. Closeloop specializes in eCommerce development services in conjunction with mobile development, web development, enterprise applications, and social media apps. We know the critical need to grow sales and increase order size with every site visit. We are on the cutting edge of emergent and transformative digital commerce technologies in Silicon Valley while employing top-notch eCommerce website engineers offshore to keep costs in check.

Case Study - PACE Funding

PACE Funding Group Inc (PFG) provides Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing to Homeowners through its channel partners and direct sales people for making clean energy and energy efficient upgrades.

PACE loan approval and administration process is substantially more complex than a typical loan in terms of the number of steps, external partners involved, regulatory steps needed and paperwork required. PFG's business process consists of loan pre-assessments, quoting various loan terms and pricing options, and accepting/ processing/ evaluating customer applications. This is followed by loan approval by underwriters, and creating and sending relevant contracts to various parties/ municipalities. Lastly the loan is funded and contractors are paid after ensuring all work has been performed and accepted by the customer.

Closeloop designed, developed, deployed and currently maintains PFG's PACE Powertools system - a fully custom software platform for supporting all aspects of PFG's business. PACE PowerTools is integrated with several 3rd party vendors and also includes a full set of APIs for external partners to connect to it. The platform was conceptualized and delivered in 4 months including UX/ UI, Solution Architecture, Technology Selection, Coding (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, iOS/ Android Mobile Apps), QA, Training and final deployment.

Success Factors

  • Clear Project Goals

    Understanding the business objectives and what the customer (really) wants to achieve.

  • Clear Specifications

    Whiteboarding. Brainstorming. Ideation. Detailed & accurate requirements documentation.

  • Right Technology

    Using the right tools for right job. Not just technology for technology sake.

  • Right Resources

    Specialists for each area - database engineers, front-end developers, mobile engineers.

  • Project Management

    Start right; maintain momentum; track/report progress; make smart decisions.

  • Quality Assurance

    Iterative testing ensures quality control, good output and final acceptance.

  • Unbridled Communication

    Reducing ambiguity, managing accurate expectations and maximizing process stability.

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