Our Process

How We Get Things Done

Closeloop employs a unique approach to the software development cycle, working with your company as both consultant and programmer. Our primary concern is your business success, which begins with your initial concept. Combined with our expertise in recommending and developing required applications, on the appropriate platforms, guided by careful implementation support. Our extensive experience focuses on business and application solutions, which drives revenue and grows your company.Successful delivery includes the following steps:

  • Discovery
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Architecture & Solution Design
  • Build & Deliver
  • Support & Grow


Because you know your business best...and we know how to listen

Technology is a tool, only benefiting when it supports your big picture needs and day to day processes. To successfully develop solutions through meaningful applications, we must intimately understand your goals and direction, and your most pressing pain points. We are a business partner invested in your success - not a code shop.

Planning & Budgeting

Planning & Budgeting

Because you have limited resources and a long list of aspirations involving technology

We identify your greatest technology needs and recommend the most cost-effective solutions, which deliver the highest return on your investment. Ongoing support and timelines for future technological updates will grow your business while remaining within your budget.

Architecture & Solution Design

Architecture & Solution Design

Because you want it right the first time, we build a blueprint before we code. Think twice, code once.

Building a solid, scalable architecture for your software solutions ensures it will grow with your company. We account for the specific needs of your unique business and build a solid foundation before coding begins, which is where the magic happens.

Build & Deliver

Build & Deliver

Because we deliver the programming expertise required to achieve your business dreams

Clients receive a delivery team consisting of senior level full-stack engineers, project managers, innovative designers, and mobile/web developers. Experts perfectly positioned to solve your most pressing web, mobile app, and eCommerce design and development issues. Our offshore coding team will deliver top notch solutions, which complete promised benchmarks, within your timeframe and budget constraints.

Support & grows

Support & Grow

Because we work as your business partner, not a subcontractor completing a single project.

We work beyond the initial project of addressing a single immediate need, to build a partnership. Support includes software implementation, staff training, and updates to accommodate business growth. We balance artistry and engineering. Building the architecture and framework requires an artistic touch, and the code demands expert engineering skills to relieve your greatest pain points.

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