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Mobile applications are no longer an afterthought for any business. Companies that rely on static websites, which convert to a smaller smartphone screen, are missing out on opportunities to build loyalty and increase penetration through the proper use of mobile applications. Closeloop Technologies, a leading mobile app development company, understands the latest trends in the mobile ecosystem, and offers specific design and development strategies beyond screen size reduction.

Closeloop's Mobile App team works with you in a mobile-first attitude to make sure your App stands out whether it is Apple’s App Store or Google Play. The team partners with you to analyze your ideas, understand the use cases, and document the detailed requirements - and only then we craft an appropriate approach in terms of technology stack, coding and architecture, back-end systems/ databases, and the engineering resources needed.

To ensure a seamless customer experience, a good mobile app development process involves 20% customer facing code and 80% backend work. Your customers will not accept poorly designed apps which require lengthy downloads, operate slowly, or include complicated navigations. To maintain customer engagement, you must provide concise screens, and clear directions, which are easily followed, allowing a consumer to complete transactions in six clicks or less.

Our mobile development team will work with you to ascertain the best delivery models for you given your budget and your needs. Be it smartphones, Apple TV/ Android TV, Android Wear, AR/VR apps, Internet of Things or Beacons, we’ve worked with all the combinations possible in mobile application ecosystem! Our mobile app developers follow an integrated approach to create a unique mobile experience across multiple platforms, devices and OS versions, with continued support and maintenance to respond to your short-term and long-term needs.

Case Study - FlipSnap

FlipSnap is a collaborative and social media video application that bridges the world of augmented reality and videos. Brands use it to generate fans created content. Brands and sponsors upload proprietary video content (called 'backgrounds') which is overlaid with users real-time video to create a composite fun video (called 'flips') which in turn can be shared across multiple social networks as well as used by the brands for their own advertising. The users can remove and replace any part of the video and enhance or add mood altering artistic filters to their video with the swipe of a finger.

Flipsnap needed a mobile engineering team to create iPhone and Android applications for showcasing the flip technology, register users, browse through backgrounds and use backgrounds to create new flips. Additional functionality includes sharing flips across social media as well as the ability to 're-flip' the video created by this app. There is also a back-end web portal for creating and managing brand owners, and for managing billing and payments from the brands.

Closeloop's mobile team delivered the first version in 6 weeks as the client needed to present the App during CES 2017. Since then multiple new versions have been released with additional fun features.

Success Factors

  • Clear Messaging

    Understanding the business messaging/ branding and what the client (really) wants to sell.

  • Clear Specifications

    Multiple iterations of whiteboarding, brainstorming and ideation. Detailed & accurate requirements documentation.

  • Right Tech Stack

    Mobile Apps do not work in a vacuum - corresponding back-end design and development was done.

  • Right Resources

    Specialists for each area - database engineers, back-end developers, mobile engineers.

  • Project Management

    Start right; maintain momentum; track/report progress; make smart decisions.

  • Quality Assurance

    Iterative testing ensures quality control, good output and final acceptance.

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